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Watch our process as Urban Movement goes from the yoga and pilates studio to design and fabrication. Urban Movement builds another layer of health into the design for the home or urban environment that is based on movement and human sustainability. This provides opportunity to engage one's body, the home, work environment and the city in healthful activity, beyond the gym, building health and wellness into the choreography of our daily lives.

What are we doing? -- Creating design teams for Urban Movement; inclusive of architects, designers, planners, government agencies and cities. These designs explode the gym/our time at yoga throughout our daily lives. The designs embed movement and health into the design of our home, our offices, our cities, private and public spaces.

How does this design change our lives? -- Movement is life. Working with the root cause rather than the symptom, we work on teams to design healthy environments to ensure human sustainability. Healthy movement and relaxation, ultimately leads to reduced health care costs and energizes people as they move through their day, engaging their environment in proactive healthy living.

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  • 01.21.13
    C3 Korea
    UNIRE UNITE published in Korean book called "Urban How"
  • 01.11.13
    Urban Landscape Furniture
    Urban Movement Design (UMD) writes the preface for the hard cover book and 4 UMD projects are featured in the book throughout the sections, published in Hong Kong
  • 01.11.13
    The positioning and exercises of UNIRE/UNITE can redress functional imbalances between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems caused by stressful environments.
  • 12.21.12
    Urban Movement Design featured in Abitare, movement analysis for archive of door handles, 1950's, Italy
  • 12.13.12
    A publication put out by SMART CAR to promote the creation of healthy cities! Aimee Mullins (paralympic athlete, actress and model) asks UMD "How do we alleviate the influences urban surfaces place on our bodies?"
  • 08.25.12
    International Young Architect's Program 2012 Winners, Urban Movement Design, Rome, Italy
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